Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An evening's hard work

Having no other idea why I'm getting confused, I returned to brass tacks and fake pseudolanguages that are built entirely out of plain English ideas, words with definitions, and gratuitious use of spaces and tabs.

Stepping as far back as I could, I was able to determine a large set of interoperating parts that construct a game that can be easily interacted with through many interfaces. I don't know why I'm being so detailed but it was right in front of me. So if I'm biting off far, far more than I can chew in this distillation, then perhaps I am, but until I know that, I'm playing with my toy Concepts.

Round Loop =
    Game presents Market Data
    Game waits for Player Input
    Player submits Player Input
    Game calculates Round

Game =
    Monopoly Training Stages =
        Round Loop with no Competitors
        13 Rounds
        4 Stages
    Non-Monopoly Training Stages =
        Round Loop with 3 Competitors
        13 Rounds
        4 Stages
    Open Online Game =
         Moving Day =
            Player is added to Town
            Player is given Gift for Growth
            Game suggests Sales Week to Player
            Player finishes Quarter against the market without influencing it
        Town Quarter Cycle
            Game generates Week Conditions
            Round Loop for x Players and y AI Players
            13 Weeks
            4 Quarters
            ?? Years?

That's about what the game amounts to from the perspective of a player at this point. It's not much and there's certainly more, taking advantage of certain operators and symbols I don't yet know the full meaning of, but stuff like that is for tomorrow, after I've rested.

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