Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First and foremost, an apology.

I know I haven't been the best person, always. I'm completely susceptible to my temper, and have used my ability to understand things best left alone to hurt people. None of you deserved to experience the pain my mistakes have put you through and because of that I'm doing something new.

You all know me better than you will ever realise, and it is because of you I have set these standards for myself; standards of work and production, not life, this time. I am forever in your debt for teaching me what you have, just by existing. And, if this is somewhat cowardly, speaking behind the most thin veil of anonymity, then you have my apology, but you also have my letters, delivered; and if not delivered, then the fodder of the internet, another variable that bothers the search engines. You always have and always will have my love and welcoming arms, but for now I suggest you read as anonymously as I write. Let me finish what I'm starting.

It was like a stroke of miracle that we found the Excel distillations of a specific algorithm presented at ABSEL 2007. I thought I had lost them forever, and the regret consumed me for weeks. And then, when not even looking for them, I stumble across them deep within the directories of my dropbox. And despite every problem I ran into, I kept finding little miracles like that; an old moleskine you left me, for example, in which I had a distilled form of the algorithm I can't even remember you describing to me, or distilling myself, and a bravery when it came to breaking down the economic math.

It is my tribute to you all, that I take this game from one stage of life to another, and document it here. If you want it, it will be here, immortalized on Google's servers. And if you don't, then it is to me still a documentation of attempting something new; an attempt to talk to someone else, if just one way, about what I'm doing.

I'm sorry, as oversaid as it might be.

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